Psyllium Seeds Powder

Psyllium Seeds Powder is fiber rich in content made from the seeds of the Plantago Ovata plant's seeds. This powder is beneficial for hair growth and the nourishment of hair roots. Damaged hair and infections of the scalp are treated by this powder. Psyllium Seeds powder can absorb a lot of water, so a tablespoon needs to be mixed in 8 ounces of water, to keep your body hydrated. 50 grams of psyllium seeds powder has around 5.5 grams of net carbs, making this powder Keto-friendly. Psyllium seeds powder has a neutral taste, it can be added as a thickening agent to stews, soups, and other gravy type dishes. Psyllium seeds powder can be mixed with henna powder to use as a paste to coat your hair and scalp.

The many health benefits of psyllium husk powder are as follows:

  • It is 100% herbal and natural in its content.
  • It is rich in natural nutrients, helps reduces hair loss, and enhances hair luster.
  • It can be used on hair and scalp for different hair tones as a scalp cleanser.
  • Psyllium seeds Powder taken mixed in water helps make bowel movements easier.
  • Psyllium seeds Powder helps reduce flatulence.
  • Psyllium seeds powder helps enhance digestive health.
  • Psyllium seeds powder helps lower cholesterol levels.
  • Psyllium seeds powder protects hair against breakage and restores hair shine

Psyllium content binds to fat and bile acids, helping the body to excrete them as waste. In the process of replacing bile acids, the liver uses more cholesterol to produce new bile acid.

Psyllium seeds powder helps ease constipation, but it also works for dysbiosis (gut bacteria imbalance), irritable bowel syndrome (particularly in constipation-predominant IBS), and helps remove parasites (helps remove parasite eggs and prevent them from taking root) in your intestinal tracts.

There are no harsh acids or chemicals mixed in this psyllium seeds powder. It is 100% natural. Overuse of this powder is not recommended.

Caution: Taking Psyllium Seeds Powder without adequate water can cause the powder to soak up the water and cause choking sensation and breathing difficulty.

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