Certified Organic Hair Colors

Organic hair colors are derived from naturally grown henna and indigo plants, using safe and environmentally safe and friendly growing methods. Even after they are harvested and taken to the processing plant, we use strict standards to ensure our colors classify as Organic. At Matha Exports, we formulate our hair colors, sourcing our raw materials from plants. Our ingredients are 100% natural and herbal based.

We don't have Peroxide in our Organic Hair Colors to assist in darkening the dyes. Also we do not have the two most common hair dye ingredients which are ammonia and p-Phenylenediamine (PPDA or pPD). The PPDA is found in Darker (brown, black) hair dyes, which has been known to cause severe allergic reactions to the scalp and skin. Our Organic Hair colors are safe to use and apply. Our Organic Hair colors are free from all types of harsh chemicals. The organic herbs we grow and use in our colors are beneficial to your hair and scalp. We are what trenders call, "Clean Hair Dyes."

Herbal Ginger Blonde Henna Powder

At Matha Exports, we are proud to offer a new mix of henna powder called the Herbal Ginger Blonde Henna Powder. This is, in fact, our latest and best production from the house of the Matha. Consumers have reviewed that this henna powder is quite effective and safe to apply and use than other brands in comparison.