100% Natural Hair Colors

The 100% natural hair colors offer effective natural hair coloring option with the benefits of pure, natural ingredients. Our hair colors do not contain any harmful, harsh chemicals. Our hair colors help cover gray hairs with immense richness in hair color tones.

Our high qualities of ingredients allows healthy hair growth conditions for the scalp. Our natural hair colors will never give you any side effects. Use of herbal powders, oils and products restores the hair growth with enrichment of proteins to the hair roots. It also strengthens the hair roots as you use it regularly. You can use our natural hair colors frequently and for prolonged periods for a healthy scalp and hair.

Natural Henna

At Matha Exports, we truly comply with the highest international standards of quality. Our Natural Henna Hair color is 100% natural, with great innovative features that are highly beneficial to the hair.

Indigo Powder

When looking for a dark bluish black natural hair color with lustrous sheen, go for our natural Indigo powder. Our Indigo hair color powder is 100% natural and effective. Indigo powder provided by Matha Exports is prepared from natural and organic Indigo plants for promising rich tones of bluish black color for hair.

Herbal Henna

Herbal henna is powder that is harvested naturally from the Mehndi plant, also called Lawsonia Inermis. This has the goodness of fruits and leaves from plants like Amla, Shikakai, Neem, Bhringraj, Indian Pennywort, Haritaki, and Vibhitak, all which have powerful medicinal qualities that benefit your body in many ways. This powder is to be used externally only.

Natural Brown

At Matha Exports International, we are manufacturing some of the finest quality of the hair color with natural brown colors. We not only manufacture but are a renowned organization where we really exist in the customer’s faith and belief.

Natural Dark Brown

Natural Dark Brown is a best seller product from the house of Matha Exports International. This natural dark brown hair color is non-sticky and can color the hair for a longer period of time. It does not harm your hair or scalp, and is safe for use.

Natural Light Brown

Natural Light Brown hair color is a favorite among users who love to buy and try popular shades of natural brown hair. They love to see the positive results after they use this natural color.

Natural Orange Henna Powder

At Matha Exports International, the natural orange henna powder contains quality natural ingredients. It is excellent for coloring your hair to a red from natural blonde, turn light brown or medium brown hair to a shade of orange, deep red or natural red.

Natural Wine Red Henna Powder

At Matha Exports, the Natural Wine Red Henna Powder gives stunning results. You can use this powder for getting that amazing natural wine red color on your hair. This color can also be a burgundy red finish if you have dark brown hair.

Natural Yellow Henna Powder

At Matha Exports International, the Natural Hair colors are made from herbal leaves and berries. Our Natural Yellow Henna powder is another unique product, which is 100% pure and made with natural ingredients. It is also called Persian blonde.

Natural Mahogany Henna Powder

Natural Mahogany Henna is rich in hair and scalp nutrients all derived from natural plants and berries. This color imparts a rich texture with a brilliant shine to your hair. It nourishes the hair and is 100% natural in ingredients.