Fast-Acting Herbal Hair Colors

Our fast-acting herbal hair colors are great options to restore the protein in your hair and also bring out the vibrant, lustrous sheen. Matha Exports herbal products act faster after you apply them. Our Orange, Light Red, Dark Red, Copper Brown and Mahogany hair dyes are strong colors which apply well on hair textures. If the hair loses the protein and keratin, our herbal hair colors can help restoring them, creating the best, optimum scalp conditions to promote fuller growth in hair.

You can see the changes visibly in your hair texture when you provide your hair the best treatment by using our herbal hair powders. When you use our hair dyes with a henna base it provides a rich, permanent texture with best colors. Unlike chemical dyes, henna does not damage your hair and hair roots, so you can use it frequently and safely. However, using chemical based hair dyes can be harmful to hair, as these chemicals are known to settle in your kidneys and bladder, resulting in bladder or kidney cancer down the years. If your protein in your hair is missing, our fast-acting herbal hair colors act immediately, restoring protein balance and helps stain the hair effectively.

Herbal Orange

Henna is known for its awesome benefits that consumers receive from its use. At Matha Exports, henna is not only produced and manufactured but they are truly organized with the best products.

Herbal Light Red

Matha Exports provides a complete range of herbal Light red with good quality. Nothing can be so soothing and fantastic as these henna products are prepared from rare henna and herbal ingredients. The light red color is achieved with frequent use.

Herbal Dark Red

Herbal Dark Red Henna is worthy to be used again and again. Since it is herbal based, it is free of ammonia and PPD. Herbal red henna hair colors from the house of Matha Exports offer the consumers with the best and magnificent dark color hiding all the greys and locking the shine for a longer period of time.

Herbal Copper Brown

Natural Henna Colors not only hides grey hair but also helps repair hair breakage that occurs due to natural, external elements. You will be getting the best results for your hair once you start using this herbal product.

Herbal Mahogany

Everyone desires natural looking, shiny, and vibrant hair. With the use of herbal mahogany, henna powder form Matha Exports truly restores the black color of the hair in just no time. The mix of tea leaves with this color offers better results indigo for better coverage.