Certified Organic Oils

We are known for our Certified Organic Oils which are 100% pure which are extracted from flowers, fruits, and leaves. These organic oils help in promoting hair growth by increasing its volume, keeping your scalp healthy and preventing infections. Our farming process is streamlined to grow our plants without the use of pesticides, and additives to preserve the freshness and quality of our oils.

We offer 100% natural oils, with herbal ingredients. Our plants are grown in clean soil that is free of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. We use natural fertilizers and clean water to grow our plants, and avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers, which are harmful to our bodies. We make sure that our plant varieties contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO's).

Our oils pass the purity test, pass pesticide tests conducted by certified and approved labs. This results in our producing the highest and purest, most therapeutic organic oils available on the market today.

Coconut Oil

At Matha Exports, our top selling item is Coconut oil, which is in high demand across the world. Our coconut oil is extracted using the highest standards available in the industry.

Neem Oil

Matha Exports manufactures and safely processes Organic certified Neem oil. Neem is a tree and the oil is extracted from its seeds. It is yellow to brown in color, has a strong, bitter taste, that is a mixture of garlic/sulfur smell.