Herbal Hair Oils

Matha Exports supplies 100% natural and superior herbal hair oils to wholesalers. Herbal hair oils help in intensive care of scalp and hair treatment. It acts as a natural conditioner for hair growth which deeply nourishes hair roots to grow hair. It is a good ingredient to treat scalp infections and damage caused by such infections, including dandruff.

Amla Herbal Hair Oil, Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil, Neem Herbal Hair Oil, Brahmi Herbal Hair Oil, Shikakai Herbal Hair Oil, and Herbal Hair Oils helps maximize the volume of your hair while fixing and restoring the damage to your hair follicles to help hair growth.

Sulfates in regular shampoos can cause hair and scalp to dry by stripping away the natural oils present in your hair. This causes your hair to get brittle due to excessive dryness, and lack of moisture. Many regular shampoos use sulfates to help clean dirt and grime from your hair and scalp. But the downside to this is, your hair and scalp get excessively dry, causing dandruff to appear, itching, and related infections.

Therefore it is important that you use a good amount of herbal hair oil regularly to maintain a healthy scalp, and avoid hair loss due to scalp infections, irritation, or damage, caused by shampoos. Maintaining a healthy scalp is the KEY to having healthy hair, without hair loss. If your scalp is extremely sensitive to Sulfates in regular shampoos, you may want to switch to using our herbal shampoos, or baby shampoos which don't have sulfates in them. Afterward, apply our herbal hair oils to restore your hair's moisture and oil levels back to normal.

Our herbal hair oils are pressed with high-tech machinery and 100% natural herbs. There are no harsh chemicals in our oils that cause adverse side effects. Herbal hair oils remove hair related problems in a short time, after you begin to use them. It makes your hair grow thicker and fuller, while restoring your scalp's health simultaneously. It is important to take good care of your scalp, so that you can avoid infections, and avoid going to the doctor later on. Use our pure herbal oils to condition your hair and treat your scalp daily.

Amla Hair Oil

Matha Exports carries a variety of herbal oils and hair products. Amla hair oil is one such oil which is quite popular in demand. There are various health benefits to using Amla hair oil. First, it nourishes the scalp and hair roots, it rejuvenates the hair follicles, within a day or two of starting to use this oil.

Bhringraj Hair Oil

Bhringraj herbal oil treats all kinds of scalp infections and damage. People who are looking to restoring the health of their scalp and hair use Bhringraj hair oil. By applying this oil regularly on your hair, you can promote hair growth and restore hair oil balance.

Herbal Hair Oil

Our Herbal hair oil is an unique preparation, carefully mixed, to provide the best health benefits for hair. It works effectively on the scalp by strengthening the roots, individual hair strands and adds lustrous shine.

Brahmi Hair Oil

Matha Exports is a manufacturer and supplier of Brahmi hair oil. It removes stubborn dandruff with regular application. By using our Brahmi oil, you can stop hair loss at a young stage of life. This oil is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and nutritious oils which helps fight scalp infections.

Shikakai Hair Oil

At Matha Exports, we manufacture Shikakai oil from Shikakai pods, along with 100% natural ingredients. Massaging the scalp regularly with this specially formulated oil will help you promote hair health with great results.

Neem Hair Oil

Matha Exports manufactures Neem herbal oil which is extracted from the Neem tree's seeds. Neem oil promotes hair growth and prevents scalp infections caused by fungus and bacteria.