Our Products

Certified Organic Herbals

Matha Exports International is the pioneer in Natural Skincare and Body Care Beauty and Health Products. Our products are made from 100% Natural Ingredients, herbs, flowers, dried fruits, berries, leaves, dried twigs, and roots.

Certified Organic Hair Colors

Organic hair colors are derived from naturally grown henna and indigo plants, using safe and environmentally safe and friendly growing methods. Even after they are harvested and taken to the processing plant, we use strict standards to ensure our colors classify as Organic.

Certified Organic Oils

We are known for our Certified Organic Oils which are 100% pure which are extracted from flowers, fruits, and leaves. These organic oils help in promoting hair growth by increasing its volume, keeping your scalp healthy and preventing infections.

100% Natural Hair Colors

The 100% natural hair colors offer effective natural hair coloring option with the benefits of pure, natural ingredients. Our hair colors do not contain any harmful, harsh chemicals. Our hair colors help cover gray hairs with immense richness in hair color tones.

Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes

Matha Exports International has been providing you the best organic products for the last 30 years. Our products are henna based in content. Since henna has its own color and the color becomes shinier when mixed with permanent hair dye.

Fast-Acting Herbal Hair Colors

Our fast-acting herbal hair colors are great options to restore the protein in your hair and also bring out the vibrant, lustrous sheen. Matha Exports herbal products act faster after you apply them. Our Orange, Light Red, Dark Red, Copper Brown and Mahogany hair dyes are strong colors which apply well on hair textures.

Henna Tattoo Powder

Henna is used for body art for the past several decades. You can use henna tattoo powder for a bright layout on any skin type. With 100% guarantee, Our henna tattoo powder is toxic and free of chemicals. The blend of henna tattoo powder gives a herbal and natural look with a thick texture.

100% Natural Herbal Face Masks

Matha Export International is one of the leading exporters of organic face mask products. Herbal face masks help promote even skin tone and relieve skin conditions naturally. Our herbal face masks are safe to use and does not have harmful effects on skin. Herbal face masks help nourish, rejuvenate and restore your skin by providing a moisturizing coat that helps heal the skin.

Herbal Hair Oils

Matha Exports supplies 100% natural and superior herbal hair oils to wholesalers. Herbal hair oils help in intensive care of scalp and hair treatment. It acts as a natural conditioner for hair growth which deeply nourishes hair roots to grow hair.

Other Herbal Hair Care Products

Healthy and thick hair enhances your beauty. Your hair and face are the first things that people see. A radiant healthy face with thick, beautiful, wavy hair tells a lot about your personality and also leaves a great impression on people around you.