Bibhitaki Powder

This powder is derived from a large medicinal tree that sheds its leaves each year. It holds a great value in traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Unani. In Sanskrit, it is called Vibheeta, which means the one which destroys the fear of disease. In Hindi, it is called Baheda powder. This powder is extracted from sun-dried, ground up fruits of the Baheda plant. The powder is green to light brown in color and has a nice herbal scent. It is called Triphala, which balances the three doshas in our body, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

The many health benefits of Bibhitaki powder are listed below:

  • Bibhitaki powder helps regulate body metabolism, keeping your body functioning well.
  • It helps alleviate stress and reduces stomach ulcers that can form due to increased stress.
  • It helps promote Liver health.
  • It helps heal wounds and skin problems, rejuvenating skin cells, and delays skin aging.
  • It helps in strengthening hair from root to tip making hair smooth and bouncy.
  • It is the best herbal powder for strengthening hair, it is used for thin, fragile hair.
  • Baheda powder mixed with rose water and coconut oil into a paste and applied, helps promote the growth hair and reduces dandruff on the scalp.
  • The powder relieves oxidative stress by balancing the PH value reducing scalp infections and boosts hair growth.
  • It is a good antibacterial, improves immunity by removing toxins from the body.
  • It relieves cough and cold, and removes hoarseness of voice due to throat infection.
  • It helps with body weight loss, if mixed and used as a drink. It may have laxative properties also.
  • Applying Baheda fruit powder with rose water on the face prevents the growth of bacteria.

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