Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes Manufacturer, Exporter In Spain

Leading Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes Exporter in Spain

Matha Exports International builds its reputation as reputed exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of the Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes in Spain. We are one of the largest Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes in Spain.

Our competent team of professionals tests the quality of our product on various parameters before it reaches the customer. Being the leading Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes supplier in Spain, we ensure to meet the exact Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes requirements on time. According to our customer's requirement, we can also customize the packaging with your own brand and label.

Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes Manufacturer in Spain

As compared to other manufacturers of Henna Based Permanent Hair Dyes in Spain, our delivered products are 100% safe and natural. The product renders natural shine, giving your hair lustrous look and feel.

Black Henna Powder Manufacturer

At Matha Exports International, Black Henna powder is highly in demand. It is used for better hair color and glossy shine of hair. Our Henna based black dye powder makes it easy to color hair.

Brown Henna Powder Manufacturer

Due to the increasing demand for henna hair dye all over the world, Matha Exports has created a healthy and herbal blend of henna hair dyes that gives amazing colors and many benefits to your hair and scalp through easy application.

Light Brown Henna Powder Manufacturer

Like our other henna-based hair dyes, our light brown henna permanent hair dyes does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals. Our hair dye formulating experts have created a healthy and herbal blend of henna hair dye which contains the maximum amount of herbal ingredients and minimum chemicals.

Special Brown Henna Powder Manufacturer

Change your look safely and naturally with our Special Brown Henna powder, this formulation does not contain any harmful chemicals. This special brown henna color spreads quickly and evenly to the roots of your hair.

Golden Brown Henna Powder Manufacturer

Matha Exports is famous for henna-based hair dyes in the global market. We offer Golden Brown henna free from harmful chemicals and loaded with henna extracts which results in a nice sunset brown glow to the hair.

Blonde Henna Powder Manufacturer

Blonde Henna powder nourishes light colored natural hair and colors your hair without any side effects. We have specially formulated this dye after drying the leaves of henna in sunlight and grinding it and very small amounts of chemicals have been used.

Burgundy Henna Powder Manufacturer

At Matha Exports, our Burgundy henna powder permanent hair dye is made by hair dye experts from a mixture of high-quality henna leaves, special natural ingredients and no harmless chemicals.

Chestnut Henna Powder Manufacturer

Chestnut henna powder is another widely used henna dyes. It is a unique and popular in demand dye powder that imparts shine and silkiness to the hair. Using Chestnut henna dye is a natural option to cover grey hair to Chestnut brown.

Lemon Yellow Henna Powder Manufacturer

Lemon yellow hair color has its own unique identity. It could be called Beach Blonde or Sunny blonde. Matha Exports specially formulates this Lemon Yellow Henna Powder for its customers due to trends in fashion and increased demand from the youth.

Sunset Red Henna Powder Manufacturer

At Matha Exports production house, Sunset Red Henna powder is prepared by mixing henna leaves and special ingredients. Sunset Red henna dye provides the transparent and shiny shade of hair color with a pure and organic texture.

Auburn Henna Powder Manufacturer

Auburn hair color is making waves these days. People are highly obsessed with smooth brown hair texture with a smooth color and soft feel. Being a reliable dye, Auburn henna-based hair dye has only ingredients and is a henna-based hair dye.