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Matha Exports International builds its reputation as reputed exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers of the Certified Organic Herbals in Spain. We are one of the largest Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Certified Organic Herbals in Spain.

Our competent team of professionals tests the quality of our product on various parameters before it reaches the customer. Being the leading Certified Organic Herbals supplier in Spain, we ensure to meet the exact Certified Organic Herbals requirements on time. According to our customer's requirement, we can also customize the packaging with your own brand and label.

Certified Organic Herbals Manufacturer in Spain

As compared to other manufacturers of Certified Organic Herbals in Spain, our delivered products are 100% safe and natural. The product renders natural shine, giving your hair lustrous look and feel.

Aloe Vera Leaf Powder Manufacturer

Aloe Vera is a hardy plant that has been used in ancient medicine to treat disease and soothe the skin for thousands of years. The Aloe Vera plant has tall triangular leaves with gel on the inside. This gel soothes irritation of the skin and has many uses.

Amla Powder Manufacturer

It is widely used in Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. Amla is a highly sour fruit, high in fiber. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, and antioxidants, which fight free radicals, keeping the skin healthy and body's immune system strong.

Ashwagandha Powder Manufacturer

Ashwagandha is made from a potent medicinal herb by the same name. Ashwagandha means "Smelling like a horse." The plant is a shrub that grows in arid areas, in the open wild. It's hardy roots and stem are dehydrated and powdered.

Annatto Seeds Manufacturer

This is an organic product which Matha Exports truly deals in with expertise. Thus it is quite prominent among users. This is a tone-on-tone organic and herbal category of product which is high in demand for better hair growth and quality.

Babool Leaves Manufacturer

Babool Tree, also known as the Gum Arabic tree is known for its medicinal qualities. It is found mainly in dry arid regions of Asia, including Africa, the Middle East, and especially in India. It can grow up to 42 feet tall.

Beetroot Powder Manufacturer

Beetroot powder is derived from beetroot, a root vegetable, that is highly nutritious and loaded with iron content, that is much needed for our human bodies. Research shows that beetroot increases blood nitrate levels.

Ber Patti Powder Manufacturer

Ber Patti powder is derived from the Indian Plum. The Indian Plum tree known or called also as Ber, is a medicinal tree. People use its various parts, such as leaves, roots, bark, seeds to treat ailments like chronic cough, eye disease, hair and scalp care, treat wounds, balance indigestion, among others.

Bhringraj Powder Manufacturer

Bhringraj Powder is derived from what looks like a common weed but is a medicinal plant. It is used as a traditional medicine in South and South East Asia. It has been used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years.

Bibhitaki Powder Manufacturer

This powder is derived from a large medicinal tree that sheds its leaves each year. It holds a great value in traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Unani. In Sanskrit, it is called Vibheeta, which means the one which destroys the fear of disease.

Brahmi Powder Manufacturer

Brahmi is made from a unique medicinal herb with small purple or white flowers. The whole Brahmi plant has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. It grows near shallow marsh lands. It has powerful antioxidants that helps you live a healthy balanced life.

Brown Rice Flour Manufacturer

Brown Rice Flour is 100% stone ground from high-quality whole grain brown rice. It has a mild, nutty flavor. It is gluten-free. It has a slightly chewy texture when cooked. Matha Exports are a manufacturer, producer as well as supplier of the brown rice flour.

Cassia Alata Leaves Powder Manufacturer

The powder is prepared and processed from a medicinal herb that grows in the tropical and humid regions. The powder of these leaves is said to have a great medicinal value. Senna Alata is called the "Ringworm" bush because of its effective fungicidal properties. The leaves are ground using a mortar pestle to obtain the greenish paste.

Cassia Obovata Powder Manufacturer

Cassia Obovata is a plant that grows mainly in South Asia and Africa. Cassia obovata is also known as Senna obovata. There are about 400 species of Cassia around the world. The leaves of this plant has been used in folk medicines, as antifungals, antibacterials, and laxatives, and were recorded as early as the 9th and 10th century in the Arabic pharmacopoeias.

Chamomile Powder Manufacturer

The Chamomile plant has been used as a traditional herbal remedy for thousands of years. Chamomile or camomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family by the botanical name, Asteraceae. Chamomile has been used as an ingredient in herbal teas to soothe an upset stomach or relieve indigestion.

Chandan Powder Manufacturer

Chandan powder is Sandalwood powder in English. Sandalwood is an exquisite wood with a fragrant smell. It has been used for centuries by kings and queens as a natural cosmetic remedy to beautify skin and appearance.

Chia Powder Manufacturer

Chia powder is got by grinding up Chia seeds which are full of rich nutrients. The seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and rich in antioxidants. They provide fiber, iron, and calcium when added to a person's daily health regimen. Omega-3 fatty acids help raise HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol which protects the heart against heart attack and stroke.

Curcuma Aromatic Manufacturer

Curcuma Aromatica is called Wild Turmeric (Kasthuri Manjal in Tamil). It is a member of the genus Curcuma belonging to the family Zingiberaceae. Wild turmeric is used as a cosmetic herbal in South Asian countries, especially in India for religious and festive occasions.

Curry Leaves Manufacturer

Curry leaves powder is derived from the Curry Leaf tree. This tree is native to Asia, and found growing in plenty in India. Curry leaves are used as a primary ingredient in cooking for most of the dishes. Many articles about this plant claim it to be the "King of Vegetables."

Cinnamon Manufacturer

Cinnamon powder is an abundant Indian spice obtained from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree species. This powder is used as an aromatic and flavoring agent across many cultures.

Dead Sea Mud Clay Powder Manufacturer

The Dead Sea is located in Israel, in the Middle East. The mud or clay from the Dead Sea is in high demand. It is used by millions of people daily as a face mask or paste for the scalp and hair, and even the entire body. Using the activated clay powder from the Dead Sea helps create the right conditions for better body and scalp health, promoting hair growth.

Eucalyptus Powder Manufacturer

Eucalyptus powder is derived by grinding leaves and tender shoots of the Eucalyptus tree. The Eucalyptus tree is a genus of over seven hundred species of flowering trees, in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. It is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Asia and Australia.

Fuller's Earth Powder Manufacturer

Fullers Earth is called Multani Mitti (in Hindi) which means volcanic ash mud. This is a nutrient rich mud that is the result of volcanic ashes decomposing and mixing with mud and clay to give an iron rich soil. The soil has a soft texture and is light cream colored.

Ginger Powder Manufacturer

Ginger powder is derived from ginger root, which is considered by Ayurveda as a herbal medicine. The ginger plant has long narrow pointed leaves. The ginger root is a rhizome, which are branched root systems. These roots are harvested and used as a main spice in cooking.

Gokhshura Powder Manufacturer

Gokhshura powder in Ayurveda is derived from the plant Tribulus Terrestris, called the Puncture Vine, which grows in areas with a dry climate. This plant is mostly found in Southern Eurasia and Africa. This powder is 100% herbal and has shown its efficacy in supporting the proper, healthy function of the kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, and prostate.

Gymnema Sylvestre Manufacturer

Gymnema Sylvestre is a perennial plant that is found growing in plenty in Asia, in India, Southern China, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, and Australia. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine. People call this plant by these common names which include the Australian cowplant, Periploca of the woods, and the Hindi name, Gurmar, which means, "Sugar Destroyer".

Guar Gum Powder Manufacturer

Matha Exports brings you a world-class Guar Gum Powder. This powder is made from milling the Guar plant seeds that is native to Asia. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "food for cows." These beans are also called Cluster Beans and Siam Beans.

Henna Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Henna powder is got from powdering dehydrated Henna plant leaves. The henna plant Lawsonia Inermis, is a shrub found in India and other South Asian countries, with long leaves and flexible stems.

Herbal Mix Dry Shampoo Powder Manufacturer

Herbal Mix Dry Shampoo powder is another invention in the world of beauty products. Our products at Matha Exports include great henna dyes, available in numerous shades and colors including brown, black, burgundy, mahogany, and supreme red.

Herbal Neem Face Mask Manufacturer

Herbal Neem Face Mask helps your skin get rid of excess oil, cleanses the pores & minimizes the occurrence of acne, zits & pimples. At Matha Exports, the herbal face mask is quite available in reasonable price. It is highly economical as well as truly inspiring in use.

Herbal Orange Peel Face Mask Manufacturer

Matha Exports International provides a wide range of products with the best orange peel composition. Oranges have a high content of citric acid which aids in skin exfoliation and helps to dry and peel out acne, improving the overall appearance of your skin.

Herbal Rose Face Mask Manufacturer

Herbal rose face mask is a herbal and natural product which helps protect your face from anti-aging. It also helps in creating better skin tone, by providing the best glow all over the skin of your face. Herbal Rose face mask has immense goodness combined with the soft aromatic scent of rose petals.

Herbal Sandalwood Face Mask Manufacturer

Herbal Sandalwood Powder Face pack gives a cooling effect within a few seconds after application. It moisturizes and tones up the facial skin. It helps the skin remain soft, and smoothens it during washing. Regular application of this Sandalwood face mask paste will keep the skin healthy and glowing.

Herbal Ubtan Powder Manufacturer

At Matha Exports, Herbal Ubtan Powder (The Royal Bath Powder) is one of the most loved and preferred products among face masks. This Ubtan mix contains Haldi, Chandan (Sandalwood), Manjistha (Indian Madder) and Khadir (Acacia Catechu), a true Vedic recipe for protection, feeding (nourishment) and beautification of your skin.

Hibiscus Powder Manufacturer

Hibiscus Powder is got from the leaves and flowers of the tropical evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and solitary large cardinal red flowers at the tips of the branches. The flowers of Hibiscus Shoe Black Plant are edible and are used in salads in the Pacific Islands.

Hibiscus Roselle Powder Manufacturer

Hibiscus Roselle Powder is rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. Hibiscus Roselle powder is made from the dried hibiscus flower. First, we harvest the flower, sun-dry them and then mill them into the powder. The whole process is natural.

Indigo Powder Manufacturer

Indigo Powder is a natural dye that is derived by powdering leaves of the Indigo plant. It is called black henna, however, the dye is a rich bluish color which when applied on hair gives off a rich bluish-black glossy sheen.

Jamun Powder Manufacturer

Jamun powder is 100% pure natural dried seed powder from Jamun seeds. It is the seed of the fruit called the black plum, and the Indian blueberry. These fruits are also known as Jambul and have a sweet and sour taste.

Jatamansi Powder Manufacturer

Jatamansi is a famous Ayurvedic herb called, Nardostachys Jatamansi. It is used to treat neuro-psychiatric diseases and skin diseases. Jatamansi Powder is manufactured using high quality ingredients which are all natural in content, and preferred by clients.

Kachur Sugandi Manufacturer

Kachur Sugandi is Aromatic Ginger, or White Turmeric, from which powder is derived by dehydrating and powdering the roots. Curcuma Zedoaria powder is traditionally used in India to strengthen and stimulate hair growth.

Kapoor Kachari Manufacturer

Kapoor Kachari is called Spiked Ginger Lily, a plant species native to India in the Himalayan region, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Ethiopia. It is a small, hardy perennial that grows to 3 feet. It has large orange and white flowers. Kapoor Kachari treats all types of hair and scalp issues.

Katha Powder Manufacturer

Katha Powder is extracted by boiling the Senegalia Catechu wood in water and evaporating the resulting brew. Wood is harvested from several species of Acacia, but mainly from Acacia catechu. Katha powder has historically been used in hair care mainly to increase hair thickness, shine, and enrich the color of hair.

Lemongrass Powder Manufacturer

Lemongrass is a tall tropical wild grass. Its leaves and tender stalk are harvested and dried, then powdered and sifted to a fine powder. Countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand have been using Lemongrass stalk and powder from this stalk for their poultry and meat stews.

Lemon Peel Powder Manufacturer

Lemon Peel Powder is extracted from drying lemon rinds, mature lemon peels, which are dehydrated and then powdered, then sifted for purity. Lemon Peel Powder can be mixed into a soft paste that acts as a great face mask.

Lemon Powder Manufacturer

Lemon Powder is derived from dehydrated sweet/tart lemon juice crystals. It is used to flavor foods and beverages. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and is used to treat Scurvy and Rickets. There is no use of acid, toxins, or chemicals mixed in this lemon powder.

Lotus Powder Manufacturer

Lotus powder is derived from the lotus plant. The lotus flower, seeds and leaves are used to make this powder. Lotus powder is mixed in with henna powder to use as a scalp paste to promote healthy hair.

Manjistha Powder Manufacturer

Manjistha Powder is got from the Indian Madder plant. Manjistha's name in Sanskrit translates to "bright red", alluding to its strong affinity to the blood. It is an extremely important herb in Ayurveda.

Moringa Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Moringa leaf powder is got from dehydrating moringa leaves and powdering them. The tree is called the Drumstick tree with long thin vegetable called the Drumstick. Moringa leaf extract is used as a food preservative to help increase the shelf life of meat by reducing oxidation.

Moringa Seeds Powder Manufacturer

Moringa seeds powder is often renowned as drumstick tree. This powder is herbal and prepared with 100% natural ingredients. At Matha Exports, Moringa Seeds powder is beneficial and protects the hair from free radicals and keeps it strong from the roots.

Mulethi (Licorice) Powder Manufacturer

Mulethi is an age-old herb that has been used for its exceptional health promoting properties, it also known as licorice. This powder is 100% herbal and has only natural ingredients. This powder is extracted from the original licorice plant.

Methi (Fenugreek) Powder Manufacturer

The seeds of the Fenugreek plant has been used by Indian, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cuisine, for thousands of years, in powder and paste form. The Methi seed is protein-rich, has Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron and is also high in minerals and vitamins.

Musli White Manufacturer

Musli white is a rare herbal plant that has medicinal properties which work wonders upon the health of a person. The powder helps to treat skin problems and also works to restore damage to hair. The Musli white powder can be mixed to a healthy tonic which reduces the symptoms of arthritis and cures diabetes.

Nagarmotha Powder Manufacturer

Nagarmotha is commonly known as "Nut grass". It is called Cyperus Rotundus powder. It has a unique cedar wood mixed with vetiver fragrance. It is used in culinary spices, perfumes, and to make incense sticks. Applying the Nagarmotha powder and coconut oil paste mixture helps reduce swelling and stops bleeding due to its astringent property.

Natural Herbal Henna Powder Manufacturer

Natural Herbal Henna Powder is one of our best selling products. Henna powder is extracted from the Henna plant, Lawsonia Inermis, which helps promote the fuller growth of hair. It also helps in restoring the gloss and strength of the hair follicles.

Neem Powder Manufacturer

Neem Powder is derived from the leaves of the Neem tree. Many parts of the neem tree like twigs, leaves, fruit, and seeds are useful medicinally. They have been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Indian Ayurveda Medicine.

Orange Peel Powder Manufacturer

Orange Peel Powder is derived from Orange peels after dehydrating them. The powder has been used in ancient medicine by South Asia and South East Asia. Orange powder is high in Vitamin C helps to form collagen and elastin, which retains skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Orange Powder Manufacturer

Orange powder is packed with a lot of vitamin C. Regular usage of this powder makes your hair bouncy and your hair receives the right nourishment that it needs. Orange powder is a 100% natural and herbal powder that is great for hair and skin.

Psyllium Husk Powder Manufacturer

Psyllium Husk Powder is rich in fiber made from the husks of the Plantago Ovata plant's seeds. This powder acts as a laxative agent and is quite beneficial for the hair growth and its nourishment. Matha Exports International guarantees you the best product for Psyllium Husk powder.

Psyllium Seeds Powder Manufacturer

Psyllium Seeds Powder is fiber rich in content made from the seeds of the Plantago Ovata plant's seeds. This powder is beneficial for hair growth and the nourishment of hair roots. Damaged hair and infections of the scalp are treated by this powder.

Pudina Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Pudina (Mint) leaves powder is extracted from dehydrated organic Pudina leaves, also called the Mint plant. Mint leaves are well-known for its health and goodness. Hence it is used in so many different beauty products including toothpaste, face wash, shampoos, and hair conditioners.

Pomegranate Powder Manufacturer

Pomegranate Powder is got from Pomegranate peels, rinds, and seeds. This powder is full of rich mineral salts and nutrients which is good for skin, body, and hair. This powder has antibacterial properties, which fights acne, pimples and rashes. The peels and seeds are nutrient rich, have plenty of antioxidants.

Ratanjot Powder Manufacturer

Alkanet Root Powder is called Ratanjot powder. Ratanjot is traditionally used in tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh for its medicinal properties. It is a natural hair conditioner and helps arrest premature graying, baldness, and hair loss. It is used as a natural food color in many restaurant style dishes.

Red Kamala Powder Manufacturer

The fruits of Red Kamala is famous for its coloring properties. It is regarded as one of the world’s important natural dyes. This color is extracted from the covering of the seed capsules and it can give out a red, orange, or yellow color, depending on how it is treated. When used on hair, Red Kamala powder helps to protect color and promote hair growth.

Rose Petals Powder Manufacturer

Organic Rose petals powder is derived from rose petals, which have a mild, aromatic essence. The rose petals are watered well and harvested just before sunrise. They are dehydrated and ground to make rose powder.

Rosemary Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Rosemary has evergreen leaves and is a shrub. This herb leaves are about 1 inch long, dark green, with a pungently aromatic odor, that is a bit camphor like. The flowers are small and pale blue.

Rhubarb Powder Manufacturer

Rhubarb is a traditional medicinal herb. It is grown mainly in China and Turkey. Later on, it came to be grown in parts of India as well which is now known as the Asiatic Rhubarb. The root of the Rhubarb plant is said to have medicinal properties. The root and the leaves of this plant are used to make Rhubarb powder.

Senna Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Senna leaves powder (Cassia Angustifolia) is derived from a shrub that is found in the desert regions of North Africa, India, and parts of Asia. Senna Alexandrina is also known under the names Egyptian Senna, Tinnevelly Senna, East Indian Senna or the French séné de la palthe.

Senna Pods Powder Manufacturer

Senna Pods powder (Cassia Angustifolia) is derived from a shrub that is found in the desert regions of North Africa, India, and parts of Asia. Senna Alexandrina is also known under the names Egyptian Senna, Tinnevelly Senna, East Indian Senna or the French séné de la palthe. Cassia Angustifolia is the apothecary term for this plant.

Shikakai Powder Manufacturer

Shikakai Powder is derived from the pods of the Shikakai tree. The pods have been nicknamed "fruit for the hair," Shikakai powder acts as a hair detangling agent. It helps to cleanse hair, promote hair growth, prevent dandruff, and strengthen hair roots.

Sidr Fruit Powder Manufacturer

We are delighted to offer you our 100% pure, natural and organic Sidr fruit powder. That is hygienically prepared with the naturally/organically grown tree in special geographical regions in India that are well-known for cultivating best quality Sidr fruit powder.

Sidr Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Sidr is a desert plant that grows up to 15 feet tall. It is found in dry and arid regions of the world. It was used in the ancient, early days as a substitute to shampoo. The leaves were powdered and used to wash and rinse out hair and cleanse the scalp. The Sidr leaves powder has other medicinal benefits too.

Spirulina Powder Manufacturer

Spirulina is a popular supplement, called the blue-green algae. It is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that is beneficial to your body and brain. It is an organism that can be grown and harvested in both fresh and salt water. Spirulina powder is a type of Cyanobacteria, which is a family of single-celled microbes.

Soapnut Powder Manufacturer

Soapnut is known as Reetha. It is also called Aritha or Washnut. Soapnut powder is derived from a berry which looks like a nut when dry. This nut is a product of a species of tree in the Sapindaceae family, which is native to India. It is one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda.

Stevia Leaves Powder Manufacturer

Green leaf Stevia powder is the natural alternative to regular, processed sugar. Stevia is also known as a non-sugar sweetener or unprocessed plant sugar. The unprocessed Stevia sugar is the healthy sugar substitute. Stevia is a natural, low-calorie sweetener.

Tamarind Powder Manufacturer

Tamarind powder is extracted from drying the Tamarind fruit from the Tamarind tree. This Tamarind fruit is a unique, sour and sweet tasting fruit, typically used in Indian and Asian savory cuisines to balance spicy flavors. This powder is high in flavor, loaded with vitamins C, and A, antioxidants, and Amino acids. Tamarind powder has health benefits which are immense.

Tomato Powder Manufacturer

Tomato powder is a great ingredient that can be used as a flavoring agent for soups, stews and curries. It can be mixed into a rich thick paste and used externally as well. As a natural astringent, it helps keep the skin looking youthful and firm by reducing fine lines.

Triphala Powder Manufacturer

Triphala powder, is called the "nectar of life." It is three fruit powders in one, dehydrated and powdered, these fruits are Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. The herbal goodness of this mixture helps to detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate the body.

Krishna Tulsi Powder Manufacturer

Tulsi in Sanskrit means "the incomparable one." Tulsi, is also known as Holy Basil which stands out from other herbs mainly because of the number of health benefits it offers. Besides, it is also noticeably effective in managing acute asthma. The properties of the natural ingredients provide breathing relief to asthmatic patients.

Rama Tulsi Powder Manufacturer

Rama Tulsi Powder is extracted from powdering dehydrated leaves of the Tulsi plant, also known as Holy Basil. At Matha Exports, Rama Tulsi Powder is manufactured using the best quality methods. Rama Tulsi powder is in high demand.

Vana Tulsi Powder Manufacturer

Vana Tulsi is another variety of holy Basil, a perennial, woody bush type of plant. Basil grows up to 2 meters high with slightly hairy green leaves. It has a highly aromatic, with a strong clove scent, and spicy flavor. Holy basil is native to the Indian subcontinent and grows throughout Southeast Asia in abundance.

Turmeric Powder Manufacturer

Turmeric powder is extracted from the rhizomes (root tubers) of the Turmeric plant. Turmeric powder contains powerful bioactive natural compounds with healing medicinal properties. It is called the "Golden powder" that's been prized for its anti-inflammatory nature.

Wheat Grass Powder Manufacturer

Wheatgrass is a nutrient-rich type of grass in the wheat family. Wheatgrass has a powerful combination of nutrients that make it extremely useful to your health. Wheatgrass provides plenty of nutrients. It has iron, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, chlorophyll, and vitamins A, C and E, all of which benefit our body.

Coffee Powder Manufacturer

Coffee is an energy drink. Coffee powder is extracted from the Arabica coffee beans, which is dehydrated, then roasted to get the flavor in the powder. When people think of coffee, they usually think of its ability to provide an energy boost. According to research, coffee powder offers good health benefits.

Ziziphus Leaf Powder Manufacturer

Ziziphus is an herbal shrub or small tree. The fruit is called Wild Jujube, red dates, or the Chinese date. It is used both as food and also to make effective medicine. This powder made from the leaves has the powers to reduce body tissue damage and restore body health.