Applications of Henna

Despite the intense dark red shade of solutions of henna, the active dyeing principle, lawsone, is only about 1% of it (18). This dye is used mostly in beauty shops, as a rinse or as a pack.

HENNA: Henna is an open shrub with heavily scented, small cream flowers and blue-black fruit.
USES:- Henna leaves yield the famous red dye used as body paint, and to stain hair, nails, cloth, and sometimes the manes of white Arab horses. The cooling, astringent leaves soothe fevers, headaches, stings, aching joints, and skin irritations. The leaves are also deodorizers, carried under the arm by Nubians, and recommended in Apina’s medical herbals to treat “evil-smelling feet”. The bark, leaves and fruit are used in folk medicine. The flowers scented oil, Mehndi, is an Indian and African perfume, and is used in Arab religious festivals.
Remark: The flower scent was known as “camphire” in the Bible, and was the source of Cleopatra’s famous seductive perfume, cyprinum, used to soak the sails of her barge before her first meeting with Antony.